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Monitoring System for Coma Patient using Variable Motion Sensors

Himanshu Patel


It is very crucial to continuously monitor the coma patient to understand their health condition rather than the normal patient. The vital reason for this project is to make life easier for the doctor or the close ones. In case when any moment occurs in the patient, the system will detect and generate the message and sent it to any family members and to the doctor. And it will continuously analysis of vital signal of the coma patient such as pulse rate, temperature and any moment of finger and alert the doctor whenever any attention is needed. Variable motion sensor system is used to monitor the pulse rate, finger moment and change in body temperature to detect the conscious state of an individual. This system is mainly design and developed to generate the message and send it to the respective doctor when the patient is in coma. The Blynk is an application which we can use to get information on our mobile via internet. When there will be any difference in coma patient’s body temperature, change in pulse rate or movement on fingertip this application will give us direct information at any place. The system will forward the doctor by sending the message about the health condition of the patient, when the set of essential signals recorded are out of the normal range. These results are displayed on Blynk application, computers, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and sending the message through GSM.

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Himanshu Patel. Monitoring System for Coma Patient using Variable Motion Sensors. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2019; 6(2): 8–16p.


Internet of Things (IoT), Blynk, Flex sensor, Temperature sensor, Arduino Uno.

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