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Study of Smart Device Based on Client–Server Communication on Linux using Socket Programming in ‘C’

Vinay Bhatt, Amit Bindal



Smart device is an intelligent hardware that has more smart features. When a normal hardware is implementing on IOT, then a new hardware is developed in the form of smart hardware. When smart hardware is connected to a secure operating system as Linux, the hardware is more secure, then hardware is known as smart device. The mainly four components of Linux as utility, shell programming, kernel and hardware for develop a structure of Linux. This work discussed the smart devices, Linux OS with components, client–server model and socket programming briefly, and discussed the review of literature related to this work. In this paper, we implemented client and server on Linux using socket programming in C and then communication is success for message interchange using inter-process communication.


IOT, Linux OS, CPU, RAM, Socket, IPC, Client–Server

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