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Using Shell Script Automize the Services of Server for Deployment

Sujata Bhairnallykar, Anjali D. Jaiswal, Kunal R. More, Ananya V. Kamalapur



Nowadays, every company is trying to produce their server and trying to automize their server. Many companies prefer a Linux-based server and those who are having a windows server are switching to Linux based server, the reason is that the Linux server is very secured, high speed, cost-efficient, and privacy is maintained on a Linux server. Big companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, NASA, McDonald’s, missiles and weapons, hackers are using Linux-based server. Many administrators perform some configuration manually but sometimes the server crashes then they have to do the same task again and again which is time-consuming. The purpose of this paper is to automate the manual work of the server so that if the server crashes then the shell script will run by itself and do the several manual processes by itself in less time. Very little time is required to run the shell script to run, within 50 to 60 seconds shell script will run and perform the task. This proposed system will reduce the workload and solve the problem.


Shell script, install Linux server, firewall chain, Rest API, Azure DevOps, NFS server

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