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Cloud Based Online Examination Portal using Docker

Nikhil Tambe, Rahul Surwade, Abhijit Mankar, Rina Bora


Online examination portal is a cloud-based web application, which allows any industry or institute to arrange, conduct and manage examinations via an online environment. It can be done through the Internet/Intranet /Local Area Network environments. Some of the problems faced during manual examination systems are the delays occurred in result processing, filing poses a problem, and filtering of records is difficult. The chance of loss of records is high; also record searching is difficult. Maintenance of the system is also very difficult and takes lot of time and effort. Online examination is one of the crucial parts for online education system. It is efficient, fast enough and reduces the large amount of material resource. It proposes a plan to build a systematic, integrated, intelligent and extensible web application on the cloud computing platform such as Google cloud, Amazon web services by using the container-based Docker and Django framework.Cloud security means the set of control-based technologies which are designed to maintain the security and protect the information, data security and all the applications associated with it.


Docker, Cloud, database, web server

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