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Secure File Storage over Inter Planetary File System (IPFS)

Mitesh Metha, Dnyanesh Waghulde, Monali Deshmukh


Nowadays, a massive amount of data is created and manipulated on the internet. This data is stored on third-party cloud storage which is in a centralized manner; however, the centralized approach of centralized storage is not completely secured. On the latest technology, blockchain is decentralized cloud storage that ensures complete securing using a decentralized peer-to-peer network maximizing resource utilization where each node is connected on a peer network. In the proposed system, the user’s file is encrypted and stored across multiple peers using the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) blockchain protocol. The hash value indicates the file stored on the network and the path of the file. This study focuses on secure file uploading on decentralized storage, efficient storage utilization, and high data availability


IPFS, InterPlanetary, decentralized, blockchain, infura, encryption, secure file uploading

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