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Communication Strategies and Designs for Patient Monitoring over Wireless Body Area Network-A Review

Deepti Yadav, Anand Tripathi


As a significant technology for short assortment communication around the humanoid body, WBAN, a contemporary intelligent monitoring system, is envisioned to unbridle an upsurge of personalized, innovative and integrated uses in the field of medical, fitness, sports, entertainment, military and purchaser electronics. In WBAN, only few sensors are used which are implanted in body or positioned on the body. These tiny sensors placed on patient’s body measure main signs like BP, glucose level, and pulse rate etc. In WBAN, network durability is a foremost dare due to the limitation in the obtainability of energy supply and routing protocol acts main part towards creation of such networks. Energy proficient network scheme, energy efficient design, security and application specific architectures show a significant part
within the communication environment for WBAN. This paper, surveys the communication strategies and designs for patient observing over WBAN. The central involvement of this paper is to review and deliberate the communication structure of WBAN that have been proposed so far. In this paper, we acquaint with the issues in the design of routing strategies in WBANs and review the existing protocols.

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Deepti Yadav, Anand Tripathi. Communication strategies and designs for patient monitoring over wireless body area network: a review. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2015; 2(3): 5–15p.


WBAN, patient health care monitoring, telemedicine, wireless network, routing protocol, energy efficient communication

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