An Implementation of Extracting Data and Mining Extracted Data from Web Pages

Dhanashri Sandbhor, Archana Jadhav, Govind Kumar Dubey, Sonali Pawade, Rupesh Dhole


Web contains various information of particular object, which could be relevant as well as non-relevant are called as data records. It is necessary to extract relevant information from web pages. Web data extraction is the system which is used for extracting data from various web pages. Data present on web pages are in un-structured format. In the process of data extraction, we convert un-structured data into structured format. This paper contains web data extraction system, stages of making a mashup and the data mining concept for data clustering. Mashup is the process which provides functionality such as data retrieval, data source modeling, data cleaning/filtering, data integration, and data visualization. We use “Xtractorz” system for data extraction and mashup for data records. By using data mining, we analyze data from different sources and using text mining we cluster all the information. And we also use those data for providing value added services


Web, data, mashup, data clustering

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