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Review of SHA-1 Encryption Algorithm

Poonam Dabas, Sonam Bhardwaj, Preeti Malik


In the security world, encryption is the popularly known method for protection and safety of data. Digital signature and message authentication are the widely known applications of hashing that require the hash value calculation. Sha-1 is amongst the most trusted algorithms for calculating hash values. Sha-1 takes any size of input and yields fixed size hash value of 160 bits after going through 80 rounds. Belonging to MD4 family sha-1 provides tremendous level of security.

Keywords: Hashing, HMAC, message digest, padding

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Poonam Dabas, Sonam Bhardwaj, Preeti Malik. Review of SHA-1 Encryption Algorithm. Journal of Advances in Shell Programming. 2016; 3(3): 1–4p.

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