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Detection of Counterfeit Indian Passport Using Image Processing

Younus Ahmad Dar



There are various identification documents for an Indian citizen; like adhaar card, ID card, passport, etc. Among them, passport is the primary identity verification document. It gives identity to a particular citizen on the global level. With passport, we can travel across the globe. We can live in another country. Hence it is necessary that it does not belong to any mischievous person. But with the advancement in the technology; like laser printing, multimedia applications, etc., people are making (fake) passport themselves and do illegal works. In this paper, I have presented various methods where we can detect the fake passport in a very less time and approximate manner, by using image processing. I have scanned the important security features of Indian passport, cropped them and applied various image processing processes; like segmentation, boundary detection, signature verification. Finally, we compare two images (cropped image and original) and check their matching level. The process is simple and yields better accuracy.

Keywords: Image segmentation, boundary detection, signature verification, laser printing

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Younus Ahmad Dar. Detection of Counterfeit Indian Passport Using Image Processing. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2017; 4(2): 1–3p.

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