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Analysis of Side View Face Recognition Using Gabor Filter and PCA Techniques

Abhilasha Joshi, Neetu Sood, Indu Saini



Recognition of human side face is being a dynamic research area in recent era. A different system for face recognition including side view confront has been proposed in this paper. Face recognition utilizing blocked face or using a small portion of the face is still an issue in human recognition which has incredible potential in criminological and security applications. The paper gives a concise thought regarding PCA and 2DGF systems and proposes a calculation which can be utilized for side-face recognition. The desired calculation separates facial features like eigen faces, edges and contour for extraction from information image. Recognition rate of this work is found to be 82% with 2DGF technique as shown in results. All face feature vectors are extracted and compared with same component of dataset images.

Keywords: Face recognition, PCA (Principal Component Analysis), 2DGF (Two Dimensional Gabor Filter), edges detection, contour detection, feature vector

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Abhilasha Joshi, Neetu Sood, Indu Saini. Analysis of Side View Face Recognition Using Gabor Filter and PCA Techniques. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2017; 4(2): 21–27p.

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