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Contrast Image Enhancement Using Various Approaches: A Review

Deepa Sahu, Anuj Bhargava, Prashant Badal



Image enhancement is one of the most key issues in high quality pictures such as digital cameras and image research area. Since picture readability may be very effortlessly affected because of lighting fixtures during image acquiring, climate, or other equipment that has been used to seize the picture. These conditions may lead to image suffering from poor contrast and noise. Contrast enhancement converts the pixels depth of the input picture to make use of most feasible containers. It has been active research subject matter when you consider the early days of computer imaginative and prescient and digital image processing (DIP). The three popular stages that each one forms of information should go through while the use of virtual approach, are pre-processing, enhancement and display and information removal. In this paper, numerous image comparison enhancement techniques for low evaluation images are reviewed. We want to observe and overview the extraordinary photograph comparison enhancement techniques due to the fact contrast loses the brightness in enhancement of image. This paper specializes in the comparative look at of assessment enhancement techniques and various strategies are analyzed for powerful contrast enhancement. 

Keywords: Image processing (IP), contrast enhancement, histogram equalization (HE), spatial domain (SD), frequency domain (FD)

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Deepa Sahu, Anuj Bhargava, Prashant Badal. Contrast Image Enhancement Using Various Approaches: A Review. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2017; 4(3): 39–45p.

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