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A Detailed Survey On The Quantification Of The Cardiac Fat Depots On The Cardiac CT Scans And MRI Scans.

Sangeetha Mariappan, Batri Krishnan


Cardiac fat depots are associated with the heart diseases.Epicardial fat and thoracic fat  plays the major role in the development of cardiovascular disease.The increased thickness of the epicardial and thoracic fat leads to several diseases such as metabolic syndrome,coronaryatherosclerosis,etc.It is necessary to quantify the epicardial adipose tissue(EAT) and thoracic adipose tissue(TAT).There are various imaging and assessing techniques for the epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) quantification and thoracic adipose tissue(TAT) quantification.These tissues can be quantified automatically or manually from the CT and MRI cardiac scans.The quantification of the epicardial fat and thoracic fat requires segmentation of these fats by various segmentation methods and then they are quantified.This paper provides the detailed study of the different methods for the epicardial  fat volume quantification and thoracic fat volume quantification.The comparison of manual quantification methods and automatic quantification methods were also studied.The automatic quantification methods is the time saving and provides more accurate results.Thus,the detailed survey on quantification methods for the epicardial adipose tissue and thoracic adipose tissue were discussed in this paper.


Epicardial Fat Volume (EFV), Thoracic Fat Volume (TFV), Pericardial Fat Volume (PFV).

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