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A Survey on Different Median Filtering Techniques Used for Removal of Impulse Noise

Bismah Rafiq, Sheikh Riyaz ul Haq



Impulse noise is one of the major noise which diminish the digital image. In image processing the impulse noise can not only corrupt the image but also damage the important information in it. In order to remove impulse noise, researches have came up with various filtering algorithm. Median filtering is one of the best choice in order to deal with the impulse noise in digital images. Since there are many types of median filtering techniques like standard median filter(SMF), weighted median filter(WMF), center weighted median filter(CWMF), recursive median filter(RMF), iterative median filter(IMF), directional median filter(DMF). In addition to these we have three more filters switching median filter (SMF), adaptive median filter(AMF) and new tristate switching median filter(NTSMF). This paper will discuss these different median filters.

Keywords: Impulse noise, median filter, standard median filter, weighted median filter, iterative median filter, directional median filter, switching median filter, recursive median filter, adaptive median filter.

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Bismah Rafiq, Sheikh Riyazul Haq. A Survey on Different Median Filtering Techniques Used for Removal of Impulse Noise. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2019; 6(1): 1–5p.

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