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Enhancing Radiographic Dental Image Visualisation with Colourisation and Graphical User

Karan Patel, Bhavesh Parmar


Radiography has been used in dentistry to find cavities, bone loss, hidden dental structures, tumour, and cysts. Due to the monochromatic characteristic of X-ray images, it is difficult to discern disorders and explain the diagnosis procedure. Enhance the visualization of X-rays is one of the ways to ease the work of the dentist. There were several studies to enhance visualization by giving pseudo colour shades to monochromatic images. The conclusion of these Studies has fixed shades of colour. The present research concentrates density slice approach for colorization and GUI (Graphical User Interface) to provide all information on a single window. The density slice technique is based on the intensity of pixels. This approach helps to select regions according to the intensity of pixels. Due to that, region-based Colourisation is possible. Each region represents different tooth parts. Along with this, the study also contained Graphical User Interface contained all requires images in one window so the dentist can easily explain. The study concludes that the outcomes of preset study help dentists into diagnosis. An output of this methodology is the polychromatic image and classifies region of the tooth in different colour and GUI provides better flexibility to the dentist to apply and explain the disease.

Keywords: medical image processing, colorization, visualization, dentistry, colour X-ray image

Cite this Article: Karan Patel, Bhavesh Parmar. Enhancing Radiographic Dental Image Visualisation with Colourisation and Graphical User Interface. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2020; 7(2): 7–19p.

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