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Artificial Intelligence Powered Computer

Tejas Ramekar, Omkar Sutar, Shrey Sharma, Babita Bhagat


Gesture control along with Artificial Intelligence has been very interesting topic in image processing for a long time. This is because it is very difficult for a computer to differentiate between background and foreground data in a given image. These technologies enable a person who has zero interaction with computer to use the various computer technologies like controlling cursor and certain functions of various computer applications. In this project we explore the possibility of controlling various applications within a laptop using hand gestures. Rather than utilizing a console, mouse or joystick, we can utilize our hand motions to control certain elements of a PC like play/stop a video, move left/directly in a photo slide show or scroll up/down in a web page and many more. These gestures will be detected by the laptop using its webcam only. The technologies used in this project are Python, Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Gesture control, image processing, artificial intelligence

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