Analysis & Detection Kidney Stone Images using Fuzzy Techniques

Sachin Kumar, Shalini Dev


Kidney Stone is the most debilitating sort in one of the deadliest malignancies type of tumor. Over the a few years the occasion of dangerous tumor has consistently reached out, considering the way that the fix of the disease depends upon its fundamental judgment. Two noteworthy sorts of lung tumor, Small cell & Non-small cell Kidney Stone. The lungs are normally sweeping in measure along these lines tumors can create in them for a long time before they are found. Despite when the appearances, for instance, weariness and hacking occur, people think they are a result of various causes. The approach of new ground-breaking equipment and programming strategies has activated endeavors to create PC helped symptomatic frameworks for Cancer identification in help of reasonable mass screening in creating nations. Mechanized lung division in thoracic figured tomography examines is fundamental for the advancement of computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) techniques. The accuracy is achieved up to 97.86 %


CT scan, Kidney Stone, Fast Fuzzy, Preprocessing , Segmentation


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