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Emotion Recognition Through Image Processing for Improving Human Computer Interaction

Harshala Chaudhari, Abhijit Banubakode, Amrapali Waghmare, Reshma Ganjewar


Detection and extracting various emotions and then validating those emotions from facial expression have become very important for improving the overall human-computer interaction. Emotion detection has several applications in areas such as artificial intelligence, image processing, intelligent Human-Computer interfaces. This paper reviews the literature on different aspects like different theories of emotions, methods of detecting emotions like face detection, eye detection, lip detection. This paper reviews comparative techniques for recognizing emotions through static images. This paper also shows the comparison of facial expression recognition techniques with different approaches on JAFFE database and Cohn Kanade database. The basic four emotions to be recognized are: Happy, Sad, Normal, and Surprised. These emotions are detected based on the facial expressions obtained after processing image.


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Chaudhari H, Banubakode A, Waghmare A, Ganjewar R. Emotion Recognition through Image Processing for improving human Computer Interaction. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2015; 2(1): 31–35p.


Emotion, emotion detection, facial expression, face detection, lip detection, eye detection

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