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A Review on Various Image and Video Restoration Techniques

Manisha Sharma, Kiran Gupta


Reconstruction of low value deteriorated image into high quality improved image is termed as image restoration. The sight of this paper is to have knowledge about mixed restoration techniques like, average filter, median filter, wiener filter, blind de-convolution, and wavelet transform etc. The basis of restoration is to undo the operation of degraded image. There are many grounds because of which degradation takes place like, poor weather conditions, camera misfocus, motion blur noise, i.e. Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise, speckle noise, Poisson noise etc. The idea behind this paper is to bind various restoration techniques in order to have de-blurred, high value, multi-resolution image/video and to recover the original image with minimum loss of precision. Degradation model and review of many restoration approaches to form an actual image qualitatively and quantitatively has been explored in this paper. A quick comparison of various techniques including their advantages and disadvantages are highlighted to have an easy view of various techniques and to mind the importance of restoration in any field.

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Manisha Sharma, Kiran Gupta. A Review on Various Image and Video Restoration Techniques. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2016; 3(2): 50–58p.


Average filter, median filter, wiener filter, DCT, PSF, wavelet transform

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