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Segmentation Methods Applied on MR Medical Application

Vandana Rajput, Nirupma Tiwari, Manoj Ramaiya



Image segmentation techniques as applied in MRI of human brain are developing by leaps and bounds. The human brain is the most imaging design of the nature. Cancer and neurological problems are resolved using MR of the brain. The automatic diagnostic system starts with medical imaging, segmentation and analysis of the findings and then the final decisions which are further used to treat the patient. In the real world certain noises are present. Segmentation is the process of separation of region of interest from the main image. It is a challenging task to de noise the image. Large member of algorithms for segmentation have been in practice. This review paper briefs the research made and published in the journals of international repute. The review is presented in the chronological order. The focus is on MR image segmentation and their result.

 Keywords: Brain, MRI, Segmentation, Robust Fuzzy C-means clustering (RFCM), Image segmentation, Nonlocal, Brain tissue

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Vandana Rajput, Nirupma Tiwari, Manoj Ramaiya. Segmentation Methods Applied on MR Medical Application. Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress. 2016; 3(3):     30–38p.

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