Vol 2, No 2 (2015)

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Efficient Object Detection Based on Local Invariant Features PDF
Anand Rathod, Manoj Bagale, Dinesh Taral, D. R. Pawar 1-3
Fractal Geometry and Its Application to Image Compression PDF
Tejas Gandhi, Hetal Patel, Darshana Prajapati 4-12
Color Based Human Computer Interface PDF
Karunesh Srivastava, Mayuri Kulshreshtha 27-32
A Comparative Study on Different Edge Detection Techniques after Applying Noise Removal Techniques to An Image PDF
Pulkit Panwar, Nidhi Gulati 33-40
Pair of Retina Recognition System Using Hopfield Neural Network Algorithm PDF
Md. Rabiul Islam, Md. Fayzur Rahman 41-45
Image Segmentation Using Credibility Critical Values PDF
S. Sampath, R. Senthil Kumar 46-55
An Improved K-means Clustering Algorithm for Classification of Odor/Gas Sensor Data Using Normalized Cosine Distance Parameter PDF
Shivam Choudhary, Ravi Kumar 56-60

Review Articles

A Survey on Image Registration on The Basis of Cross-Correlation Methods PDF
Tarun Motwani, Jamvant S. Kumre, Rajeev Kumar Singh 13-19
Histogram Equalization for Image Enhancement Using Kidney Ultrasound Images PDF
cheruku sandesh kumar, Ratnadeep Roy, Archek Praveen Kumar, Ashwani Kumar Yadav 20-26
Enhancing Palm Print Recognition System PDF
Shashi Bala, Priyanka Kamboj 61-69
A Survey on Content Based Image Retrieval Using Color, Texture and Shape Features PDF
Vivek Verma, Punit Kumar Johari 70-77

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