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A Survey on Detection of Wormhole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Sukanya Kargaiyan, Neelam Joshi



MANET mentions to a multi-hop packet based wirelessly network contains of no. of mobility nodes that be able to pass and talk simultaneously, missing exploiting any fixed substructure. MANET’S are self-setting up networks which may be deformed and formed at the fly. In multi-hop wirelessly ad hoc networks (WANET), cooperation amid nodes to route every different’s packets exposes those nodes to a big variety of protection attacks. Also because of the vulnerability of the routing protocols, the WANET face numerous protection risks. Mainly severe security attacks which affect the ad hoc network routing protocols, is called as the wormhole attack.

Keywords: MANET, Wormhole attack, multi-hop

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Sukanya Kargaiyan, Neelam Joshi. A Survey on Detection of Wormhole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Network. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2017; 4(2): 25–32p.

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