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A Technical Survey on Different Clustering Techniques & Fuzzy Logic in Wireless Sensor Network

Pooja Devi, Laxmi Shrivastava


AbstractThe WSN is a distinctive network and WSN includes sensors at enormous scale as well as comprises at least single base station. When building wireless sensor networks, there are critical issues that are appeared such as preserving energy and load balancing. Lifetime of a sensor network is improved by implementing andmitigating energy consumption. Amount of a choice of parameters such as quantity of nodes, strength and range of area as well as connectivity of nodes in the network are responsible for the lifetime of network. Energy of battery is generally significant things for sensor nodes in wireless sensor network. Efficient energy is major part of in mitigate the overhead as well as limited transmission and aggregating data is also important for the enhancing network lifetime. Clustering performed a group of clusters or a collection of homogeneous nodes. Its main task is to separate the overall data or population into the same group.There are various clustering strategies to form the clusters of the data.We survey various clustering algorithms and fuzzy logic which useful to understand the various terms related to the network.

Keywords— Wireless Sensor Network, Applications, Security, Clustering and Fuzzy Logic.

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Pooja Devi, Laxmi Shrivastava. A Technical Survey on Different Clustering Techniques and Fuzzy Logic in Wireless Sensor Network. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2017; 4(3): 1–8p.

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