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Detection and Prevention of Black hole attack using DYMO in MANETs



MANETs is a network with set of mobile nodes acting as routers, relay or terminal to liaise via radio communication in a mobile environment. Black hole is an active malicious attack, in which attacker either stop or drop packets transmitted to the destination. The attacker tries to divert traffic to itself by advertising with extra privileges in the network, viz. the shortest path to destination or by pretending to have extra facilities to overpower the network and be considered as a leader. The paper portrays on deploying, detecting and preventing an internal active black hole attack using DYMO in MANET. Dymo is a power aware routing algorithm works on the concept of selecting the shortest path to destination for transmitting the data. Black hole usually assimilates traffic of the network around it and tries to harm the network by reducing the performance metrics of the system. The aims is to enhance different characteristics for diverting the traffics towards a black hole node in the initial scenario, then detects a node with the maximum packet drop and finally eliminate the node from the data transmission. The traffic used for transmission is CBR. Beacon nodes are transmitted to do the handshake for neighbor discovery. To

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