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A Proposed Coordinate Based Route Selection Technique for MANET

Shesh Kumar Sharma, Srinivas Arukonda


Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a combination of portable mobile devices or mobile nodes which are communicating with each other without any help of pre-installed base station, infrastructure, centralized administration or access point. Designing and developing a routing protocol for MANET environment is an important issue. While designing a routing protocol, following must be considered: minimizing packet loss, minimizing time delay and minimizing the number of next hop count. Due to the dynamic behavior of the network there is a frequent path failure in the topology. This becomes a major technical challenge in MANET environment. In this paper, we proposed a Coordinate Based Route Selection (CBRS) technique for MANET to enhance the performance of the network by minimizing the number of hop count for route selection. The proposed approach is implemented with the route discovery process of Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol. In our approach, we divide the whole networking area into four parts (zones) based on sender node position in the network. This technique limits the area of route discovery on the basis of wherever sink node exists. The results are generated by NS2 (2.35) simulator, which shows that our scheme reduces the routing overhead and improves the throughput of the network as well as minimize the packet loss and end-to-end delay.


Coordinates, hop count, MANET, packet loss, routing, throughput, zones

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