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A Review on Three-Port and Four-Port Optical Circulator

Lipi Dave, Vishal Sorathiya, Shivakrishna Dasi, Anurag Lakhlani


Optics is the branch of physics which include the behavior and property of light. There
are two types of optical circulator are investigated, a perfectly circulating four-port
optical circulator and a three-port optical circulator. Circulator is an important device
for constructing highly function photonics circuit. Photonics technology had been
reviewed for optical circulator in this paper. We present a comparison study of structure
like Mech-Zehnder interferometer, on-chip multi, polarization beam splitter and finite
difference time domain adapted by various researchers. By analyzing these comparisons
we conclude that using finite difference time domain method and coupling structure we
can reduce the size of optical circulator.


photonics technology, optical circulator, finite difference time domain, coupling effect

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