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A Comprehensive Survey on Energy Efficient Protocols for WSN

Priti Dwivedi, Ashok Kumar Rai


In recent years, there is a rise in the variety of applications supported by wireless network systems and their success applied to completely different areas remote environmental watching and pursuit tracing. The WSN unit spatially distributed sovereign sensors to watch fitness like temperature, sound and pressure, etc. and transmit their information through the network to the main location. Recent advancement in wireless communication and physics has also enabled the event of low price detector networks. The detector networks are used for varied application areas (e.g. Health, military, home). For varied application areas, their unit altogether entirely completely different technical problems that researchers unit presenting the resolution. This state of the art of sensing element networks is captured in this paper. This paper sketches pervasive security of the accessible settlement to justify WSN environmental monitoring application and to figurate recent challenges.

Keywords: Base Station, Cluster Head, LEACH, Detector Node, Wireless Detector Network

Cite this Article: Priti Dwivedi, Ashok Kumar Rai. A Comprehensive Survey on Energy Efficient Protocols for WSN. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2020; 7(2):11–16p.

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