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Implementation of Cloud Computing in Virtual Learning System for Effective Utilization of ICT Based Computing Resources in Academic Environment

Amit Sahu, Dr. Vaibhav Sharma



Now a day's increase in use of digital media influences academic system to adopt ICT based learning tools to improve the accessibility and reliability of learning resources. Information and communication technology (ICT) has significantly affected the process of admission in higher educational institutions. ICT also improves the interaction between the students and the institution as well as academician too. As of late, cloud computing  as another sort of trend setting innovation speeds up the development for the computer industry. Cloud  computing is turning into an appealing innovation because of its dynamic versatility and powerful utilization of the assets; it tends to be used under conditions where the accessibility of assets is restricted. Cloud computing can be used in the field of education, and integration of network and e-learning. In order to give a full play for the advantages of cloud computing with ICT based education in educational institution, we tried to attach cloud computing to e-learning, build an e-learning cloud, and made an active research and exploration for it, so the implementation of ICT based tools used with cloud computing become more familiar.


ICT tools, Cloud Computing, Higher Education and Cloud Computing Resources.

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