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Satark India Application

Babita Bhagat, Sanket Santosh Manohar, Namrata Bharat Chavan, Praveen Subhash Jagtap



We face many problems and see a lot of issues happening in our surroundings but we ignore those because of the tedious path of government to follow up and investigate the issue. Mobiles play a major role in delivering solutions to our everyday problems. We have designed the android phone application “Satark India Application” that focuses on delivering a clean society. This app gives people the platform where the issue can be raised and transferred to the respective officer or NGO's directly at that instance using AI and ML. The application makes it easier for people to put forth their issues and gives the government a well-organized and more advanced way of communication with the people. The app provides the feature to form various self-volunteer people in their regions. They all will also help people to solve local issues at their level and ease the workload of the government. Details of request owners are secured, encrypted, and not shared with anybody so people can freely raise the request for any problem self-issue or rule violation report. Users can track the progress of requests raised. The data analysis part will give all the graphical representation which provides benefit to the government for the study of the whole nation on a single interface. Our app provides real-time location tracking and one-click emergency help toggle for women's security purposes. ‘Be Indian Buy Indian’ module provides a total guide for people to buy Indian products. Since the whole application serves as the best intermediate between the government authorities, NGO's and people which helps to form a better nation and a responsible society we have named it "Satark India Application"


Encrypted, self-volunteer, women security, violation, graphical location

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