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Heart Rate Measuring using Android

Pratik G. Mirajkar, Ojaswi D. Dhone, Mayuri N. Patil, Rina Bora


Presently, the technique to screen the patients in clinics and hospitals is with the end goal that it keeps the patients attached to their beds, and observing by this strategy is uncomfortable for patients. The cell phones with numerous inbuilt sensors can be utilized to plan and create applications to fetch various biomedical signs. Building a remote Heart rate monitoring system [1] that will permit patients to be convenient in the general climate is the point of this method. What's more, the quick ascent of cell phone technology and on-board sensors has empowered non-invasive physiological estimations, which can improve self and remote computations. This holds colossal potential in productive conveyance of medical services. This examination researches the practicality of removing crucial cardiovascular parameters of heart rate (HR), breathing rate (RR), oxygen saturation (SpO2) and blood pressure (BP) utilizing a phone's camera during a non-invasive way, without the requirement of external sensors. This is accomplished by utilizing the phone's capacity to record and distinguish varieties in color signals in a fingertip set in contact with its optical sensor, for example camera.


Cellphones, heart rate, physiological, sensor, optical

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