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An Android Application for Reporting Vehicular Crash Using VANET

Arun V. Kumar, Harshwardhan C. Waghmare, Ritesh Kaul, Rohit E. Kudale, G. S. Mate


With over a million applications on google play store, a very few applications are concerned with the security of a person. We intend to develop an application that reports a vehicular crash and allows intervehicular communication by using the concept of moving network, i.e., an ad-hoc network. Our Application informs the nearest police station, ambulance and relatives by sending a SOS message with the current coordinates (by using GPS technology) of accident spot and it will also warn the nearest vehicle about the accident using VANET technology.


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Kumar AV, et al. An Android Application for Reporting Vehicular Crash Using VANET. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2015; 2(1): 13–16p.


crash report app, vehicular safety, Android, VANET, SMS, GPS

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