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A Comparative Study of MANET Routing Protocols

Neeraj Kumar Pandey, Amit Kumar Mishra, Pushpneel Verma


Routing is a demanding issue in mobile ad-hoc network. Mobile means moving geographically and ad hoc means impermanent without any fixed infrastructure so mobile ad hoc networks are a kind of momentary networks in which nodes are moving without any fixed infrastructure or centralized administration. The infrastructure less and the dynamic nature of these networks demands new set of networking strategies to be implemented in order to provide efficient uninterrupted communication. Due to unbounded movement of nodes topology of the network is frequently changes. So it is hard to perform optimally by any protocol in this varying environment. The various routing protocols are analyzed and the advantages and disadvantages associated to particular protocol is briefly discussed. The contribution of this paper is to focus on comparative study of various routing protocol used in the ad-hoc network.


MANET, routing protocol, DSDV, on demand routing, table driven routing, hybrid routing, IETF

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