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An Approach to Translate English Voice to Bangla Text for Android EnvironmentAn Approach to Translate English Voice to Bangla Text for Android Environment

Md. Altaf Hoshain, Md. Rabiul Islam


Voice recognition and machine translation (MT) has become the open research field in the recent years. Voice or speech recognition technique has improved vastly and MT is getting more popular to the modern generation day by day. In this work, we describe the construction method of MT sentence with the help of Google voice recognizer. An adapting rule based statistical MT system has been used to translate the English sentence to Bangla sentence. The proposed language translation model depends on rule based methodologies especially fuzzy rules. “If-Then” basis rules are applied for the English to Bangla language translation. In this language translation, we used pointy place technique for the knowledge sign system. This technique is used to classify each English sentence to a particular class using aspects of that English sentence and then translate them to the Bangla sentence using the rules that are produced prior in the language translation system.


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Hoshain A, Islam R. An Approach to Translate English Voice to Bangla Text for Android Environment. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2015; 2(2): 43–48p.


Android, English to Bangla translation, speech recognition, voice to text

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