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A Survey on Various Layers of Wireless Sensor Networks

Priyanka Handa, Balwinder Singh Sohi


A wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of one or more sinks and large number of sensor nodes scattered in an area. WSNs have a tremendous potential to improve the efficiency of many systems, for instance, in building automation, Military applications, environment monitoring and process control. Recent advances in wireless communications and electronics have enabled the development of low-cost, low-power, self-organizational, multifunctional wireless sensor networks. WSNs have some problems to be overcome, for example, energy-conservation, congestion control, reliability data dissemination, security, and management of a WSN itself. These problems often involve in one or several layers top-down from application layer to physical layer. In this paper WSN applications and challenges are discussed. In this paper a survey of WSNs layers is presented and open research issues of each layer are also discussed.


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Wireless sensor network, application layer, transport layer, network layer, data link layer, medium access control, physical layer

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