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A Novel Key Distribution Scheme for Link Encryption in MANET

Rajan Patel, Pariza Kamboj


Mobile adhoc network is a self organize infrastructure-less wireless network in which every mobile node act as a router to transfer information from one mobile node to another. Adhoc routing protocols are either proactive or reactive. To discover the neighbors, most routing protocols like AODV, DSR use the concept of Hello packet. In this paper, we proposed novel key distribution scheme with Hello packet using steganography for link encryption. Link encryption is a technique in which the encryption/decryption takes place between links (nodes). The link encryption can be either symmetric or asymmetric based cryptography. Asymmetric based cryptography is more costly as compared to symmetric based cryptography in MANET. Symmetric based cryptography needs a secret shared key between pair of nodes. In proposed scheme, we have used staganography in routing protocol to exchange secret shared key. The proposed work is implemented and simulated in NS2 with AODV routing protocol. The proposed scheme required less amount of time for secret key sharing. The proposed work also compared with AODV in terms of energy consumption. The link encryption is used to prevent external attack in MANET due to the vulnerability of MANET.


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Rajan Patel, Pariza Kamboj. A novel key distribution scheme for link encryption in MANET. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2015; 2(3): 59–72p.


External attacker, link encryption, neighbor discovery, secret sharing key, steganography

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