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A Survey on IDS Detection and Prevention Technique in MANET

Shimmi Singh Rathour


MANET (mobile ac-hod network ) is self-configure network any new node easily deploys in network and left the network because of the flexibility, it easily threaten by attacks. Intrusion-detection system (IDS) can be defined as the tools, methods, and resources to help identify, assess, and report unauthorized or unapproved network activity. Intrusion means to interrupt someone without permission. These detection techniques are useful for detecting and preventing one or more attacks, it’s very useful because one method is sufficient for detecting attacks. This paper presents a review on MANET their routing problems, protocol and attacks. Also an overview of IDS their detection methods and literature of ID system.

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Shimmi Singh Rathour, Nitin Manjhi. A Survey on IDS Detection & Prevention Technique in MANET. Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks. 2016; 3(1): 17–23p.



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