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A Survey of Jellyfish Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Annu Kumari, K. K. Joshi



MANET is ad hoc network which has independent behavior with dynamic network topology and multi-hop network. There are many benefits and limitations of the mobile ad hoc network like autonomous behavior, dynamic topology, multi-hop routing and maximum flexibility. Jellyfish attack is a passive attack which is difficult to detect and prevent as they do not alter the data during the transmission. Jellyfish attack is further classified into three sub-categories Jellyfish recorder attack, Jellyfish periodic dropping attack and Jellyfish delay variance attack.

Keywords: MANET, Topology, Routing, Jellyfish Attack, Drop Packets, Delay and Reorder packet

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Annu Kumari, K.K. Joshi. A Survey of Jellyfish Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Network. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2017; 4(2): 17–24p.


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