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Android Based Short Messaging Service for Security Using NTRU Encryption

Shobha Jha, Unmukh Datta



Short message service (SMS) is a carrier of messaging that is wireless in nature and allows the cell subscribers to transmit textual content messages to different users. The SMS message length is sixty and a hundred characters having no pictures/image in it. There are many SMS security techniques which are related to cryptography like DES, AES, Blowfish, RSA, ECC etc. NTRU encryption pattern is a lattice-dependent public key cryptosystem that offers encryption, and decryption and highest speed key creation. It is very well-known in electronics industry. We defined cryptography that is utilized to perform decryption and encryption of the information to protect it from the outsiders and recover the information security. NS2 simulation is utilized to perform decryption and encryption of the SMS at the source and destination side. In present work, NTRU algorithm was implemented on an android platform along with on N-tier architecture where many servers exist as job portal application where job seekers, recruiters and admin are current. But NTRU algorithm has not been implemented on encrypted SMS on android mobiles. Challenge is to secure SMS transfer from sender to receiver as well as save time. The initial objective of proposed work is to analyze the several encryption/decryption algorithms; either they are symmetric or asymmetric. Symmetric key algorithms are those that utilize the similar key for the decryption and encryption of information; but in asymmetric key algorithms, the key that is exploited for encryption of info is not similar with the key utilized for decryption of information. The subsequent objective is to design the encrypted SMS on android mobility phone from source to destination, and also utilize it to decrypt encrypted SMS sent from source side using private key. The last objective is to analyze or check that the encrypted and decrypted SMS are same or not; and also analyze the results of proposed work.

Keywords: SMS, DES, AES, NTRU


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Shobha Jha, Unmukh Datta. Android Based Short Messaging Service for Security Using NTRU Encryption. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2017; 4(3): 11–20p.

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