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Ameliorated perceptive approach to MSRCR algorithm for image augmentation



Retinex theory was developedby Edwin H.Land in the year of 1964.Retinex based image enhancement system improves the quality of image. The dominant assumption of retinex theory is that the image can be decomposed in to two factors, one is Reflectance and the other one is illumination. It increases the human perception of information. The color image enhancement methods are used to increase the contrast of color images. The human visual system is able to distinguish details of image and vivid colors in shadows and scenes contain illuminant shifts.MSRCR algorithm is the extension of           SSR        and MSR.

 A method to improve the performance of the MSRCR method is proposed in this paper. This improved retinex method provides PSNR, MAE values greater than the existing color image enhancement methods. The proposed method reduces the halo artifacts and graying out and thus improves the existing MSRCR method. The paper compares the SSR, MSR and the IMSRCR techniques this technique is extensively used for largely research
center, NASA and the algorithm is also used in the
medical image processing area...Etc

Keywords: Retinex, single scale retinex, multiscale retinex, Multiscale retinex with color restoration

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Asma E. Ameliorated Perceptive Approach to MSRCR Algorithm for Image Augmentation. Journal of Multimedia
Technology & Recent Advancements. 2018; 5(1): 17–26p.

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