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A Survey on Security and Layered View in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

Hritu Jain, Vikash Sezwar


VANET is the wireless network in which communication takes place through wireless links mounted on each hub (vehicle). Each hub within VANET act as both, the participant and router of the network as the nodes communicates through other intermediate hub that lies within their own transmission range. The key highlights of VANET are infrastructure-less, self-configuring, self-forming, self-healing network. The hubs are static, network is associated which exist end-to-end path for transmission through numerous hops. It is decentralized in nature and this develops the scalability of the network. It does not rely on any permanent network infrastructure. Although various permanent nodes act as the roadside units to facilitate the vehicular networks for serving geographical data or a gateway to internet etc. To carry out numerous applications in vehicular surroundings, new and successful strategies are required to be tailored mainly intended for VANET. In this paper, the detailed survey has been performed for various security requirements and layered view to understand more about VANET.

Keywords: Wireless ad-hoc network, mobile ad-hoc networks, vehicular ad hoc network, autonomous server, road-side unit, security

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Hritu Jain, Vikash Sezwar. A Survey on Security and Layered View in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2018; 5(1): 9–16p.

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