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Multi-Criteria Decision Making: A Complete Review on Selection, different problems and Adoption of Cloud Service

Vishal Kumar Verma


Abstract- With the tremendous growth and use of raw and factual data in the modern world, it’s required to use an efficient approach in the selection of cloud services. With the complex and inter-dependent necessities of different users over different platforms along with the service models of cloud, hybrid approaches are preferred widely by the users for their scalability and availability features. This article offers a comparison between the available approaches for the selection of cloud services for different service models along with the problems associated with the approaches. This paper will also provide available hybrid approaches, applicability and adoption, the criteria and the sub-criteria for the selection of cloud services for cloud computing models.

In this paper section 1 describes the introduction of the MCDM, section 2 provides an overview of various MCDM techniques, section 3 presents hybrid approaches, section 4 provides information towards applicability and adoption of the approaches with the description of criteria’s and sub-criteria’s, section 5 describes problems in selection in Cloud Computing and varied areas and section 6 concludes the paper with the discussion.

Keywords Cloud Computing, Choice of Criteria, Hybrid Methods, MCDM.

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Vishal Kumar Verma. Multi-Criteria Decision Making: A Complete Review on Selection, Different Problems and Adoption of Cloud Service. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2019; 6(2): 11–15p.

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