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Energy Generation: Renewable Energy Resources

Kshitiz Sharma, Rakesh Gurjar


Abstract: The power prerequisites of the world including India are expanding at a high rate and the power demand has been running in front of supply. It is likewise now broadly perceived that the non-renewable energy sources (i.e., coal, oil, and flammable gas) and other ordinary assets, presently being utilized for the age of electrical vitality, may not be either adequate or appropriate to keep pace with consistently expanding the interest of the electrical vitality of the world. Also, generation of electrical power by cold based steam power plant or nuclear power plants causes pollution, which is likely to be more acute in future due to large generating capacity on one side and greater awareness of the people in this respect. The recent severe energy crisis has forced the world to develop new and alternative methods of power generation, which could not be adopted so far due to various reasons. The magneto-hydro-dynamic (MHD) power generation is one of the instances of another novel strategy for power generation. The other non-ordinary techniques for power generation might be, for example, solar cells, fuel devices, thermo-electric generator, thermionic converter, solar power generation, wind power generation, geothermal energy generation, tidal power age and so on. This paper explains about Different Energy sources, why we are going for non-regular vitality sources, Different non-conventional energy sources and comparison between them, about fuel devices and their applications.

Keywords: Renewable energy, DC (direct current), DEMC (direct-methanol fuel cells), MHD (magneto-hydro dynamic), PEMFC (proton-exchange membrane fuel cell)

Cite this Article: Kshitiz Sharma, Rakesh Gurjar. Energy Generation: Renewable Energy Resources. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2019; 6(3): 9–13p.

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