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Design and development of an IP core for speech detection in varying noise environments

Anishma M.K., Shamna A.R., Asmin M.K., Amina M.K.


Speech detection is a process of separating speech and silence regions from noisy speech. It is an important part in speech processing. One of the important and difficult tasks in speech detection is the detection of speech in a very low signal to noise ratio. The application of speech detector includes speech coding, where the accurate speech coding can reduce bit number low down the bit rates, and in speech enhancement systems where speech pause detector helps to get good estimate of the noise. The basic idea is to extract certain kind of feature to differentiate the dividing points between speech and pause, according to which different processing algorithms are carried out. This paper aims to design and develop an IP core for speech detection in a highly varying noise environment.

Keywords: Speech enhancement, pause

Cite this Article: Anishma M.K., Shamna A.R., Asmin M.K., Amina M.K. Design and Development of an IP Core for Speech Detection in Varying Noise Environments. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2020; 7(1): 19–27p.

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