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Multi Layer Defense Architecture

Shivani Choudhary, Shubham Chouhan


Gaining access to the exclusive information is easy nowadays and this information is always been at the peak of confidentiality. As in day to day life, authentication, confidentiality and data integrity are the three biggest aspects of security. So, keeping this in priority, we are proposing an idea to develop a multi-layer defense architecture for securing network and cloud. This could achieve security up to an extent but also higher level of authentication and confidentiality. In order to achieve authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity, we are providing a concept which uses a multi-layer defense system for satisfying legitimate users to keep their data within their concern.

Keywords: Authentication, confidentiality, multi-layer defense architecture

Cite this Article: Shivani Choudhary, Shubham Chouhan. Multi-layer Defense Architecture. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2020; 7(1): 28–32p.

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