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Gas Spillage Detection System Using IoT and Arduino

Swapnil Jitekar, Pranav Patil, Archana Arudkar


In the past few years, IoT has extended it's roots to virtually every possible device around us. It is reforming our lives. Safety is the primary concern of any project, and it has not been left untouched by IoT either. LPG spillage in household and manufacturing can prove to be hazardous and lethal. We propose a system that can detect, alert and act upon a leakage scenario. The proposed system comprises of a gas sensor, an Arduino controller equipped with an IoT module, a beacon contrivance and a shut-off servo. IoT platform is utilized for accumulating, storing and analysing data. The system can be monitored and controlled from the same. Human presence in the vicinity can be detected with the designed system. Spillage alert is given through an alarm and a notification to a user's phone. The design is capable of turning off the gas supply pipeline automatically.


LPG, gas leak, Arduino, IoT, phone, Pushbullet, automated shut-off.

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