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Impact of COVID-19 on Education System: New Educational Scenario

Purushottam Lal Bhari, Geeta Tiwari


COVID-19 is a very fast pandemic worldwide. India’s education sector has also come in the grip of the world. Due to this pandemic, steps like lockdown were taken here. In all, about 32 crore learners from schools and colleges were affectedbecause the educational activities of all the students had stopped. This situation has taught us well that change is inevitable. This period has served as a catalyst forthose institutions which have already developed platforms with technologies. In this epidemic, special efforts were made to save the education sectorand with the help of digitization, they also succeeded in stopping the threat of epidemic to a large extent. This paper highlights some of the measures taken by the government along with changes in the education system. Both the negative and positive effects of COVID-19 on India’s education to supply uninterrupted education within the country are discussed and some useful suggestions for conducting teaching/learning activities during this period are also given.


-19, education system, e-learning, Govt. of India, technology

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