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A Survey of Wireless Network Simulators

Ajay Roy, A. K. Jain


Wireless network simulators have become a basic need to study, evaluate and improve wireless networks. Wireless network simulators are very useful tool for a researcher to develop, test and diagnose wireless network protocols. Wireless simulations raise many new questions about appropriate levels of detail in simulation models for radio propagation and energy consumption and time taking for wireless networks. There are many different network simulators available in the world now, but question is which one appropriate tool for performance. In this paper we have shown survey about network simulators for wireless Networks by researchers to quickly identify which simulator is most suit-able for their needs.

Keywords: Network simulator, QualNet, NS2, NS3, OPNETmodeler, Net Sim, OMNeT++, J-Sim, emulation


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Ajay Roy, A. K. Jain. A Survey of Wireless Network Simulators. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2015; 2(1): 12–16p.

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