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Performance and Security Testing of Mobile Applications using Service Virtualization

Shrimann Upadhyay, Jnyanaranjan Dash, Supravat Kumar Behera


In past few years, mobile applications are fetching more muscular and robust as they improved the way enterprise and technology get aligned with our lifestyle and daily use. Mobile applications remove the gap between technology and lifestyle. As the number of mobile applications blooms, its quality becomes more and more important issue of concern. The mobile application users anticipate the application to be more trustworthy and sheltered. Since classical testing methodologies do not fit well, we have evolved newer approaches to address those issues and challenges. Service virtualization is the latest idea in testing field, it has grown vigorously due to its artistry to address numerous constraints faced while development and testing. Service virtualization eliminates dependency by virtualizing target condition and the environments dynamic behaviour. Service virtualization enables teams to quickly provide applications of mobile which fulfill the aspects of security, reliability expectations and performance.


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Shrimann Upadhyay, Jnyanaranjan Dash, Supravat Kumar Behera. Performance and Security Testing of Mobile Applications using Service Virtualization. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2015; 2(2): 1–4p.


Mobile application testing, performance testing, security testing, compatiblity testing, service virtualization

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