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Mobile Mobility with Hybrid Approach

Brahm Singh, Dr. Bhupesh


This paper focused on Mobile Mobility. In this we discussed on Mobile Mobility and its general definitions and also discussed on its involvement in our daily lifestyle. Using the hybrid approach we make it easier and flexible for all. The Hybrid approach Mobile Mobility becomes more flexible for End users and Enterprise level. Hybrid approach also enhances the mobile application native features in the hybrid mobile application so it becomes more powerful and secured.Hybrid Applications have the capability to run independently on every platform which also called cross platform app in technical language. We also consider Security features of Mobile application development as well as their uses in both levels for End User (Consumer) and Enterprise. In now days everyone wants all solution on Mobile, they don’t want to carry different gadgets or devices for doing business, study and so on. So Mobile Mobility rapidly increasing in every field.

 Keywords: Consumer mobility, enterprise mobility, hybrid approach, BYOD, CYOD

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Brahm Singh, Dr. Bhupesh. Mobile Mobility with Hybrid Approach. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2015; 2(2): 11–23p.

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