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A Review on Sinkhole Attack in Ad hoc Network

Rupali Prajapati, Priya Pathak, Sandeep Gupta


Security is key aspect in wireless network. The security implementation in wired network is easy as compared to wireless mobile network due to its centralized architecture and control. MANET is developing examination area with real-world applications. This new group of networks is dissimilar from the wired one in many aspects like network substructure, resources and direction-finding protocols, routing strategies, etc. However, MANET is mainly vulnerable owed to its central characteristics, such as open intermediate, dynamic topology, distributed cooperation, and constrained capability. This article offers an overview of past and current work in the area of safety study on mobile ad hoc networks as well as emerging effort in different approaches to provide safety features to routing in the MANET (mobile ad hoc networks). This paper presents a survey on sink hole attack in adhoc network which is a major problem in wireless network security. Here, we discuss the sink hole problem and its detection technique in wireless ad hoc network.

Keywords: MANET, sinkhole attack, DSR, RREQ

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Rupali Prajapati, Priya Pathak, Sandeep Gupta. A Review on Sinkhole Attack in Ad hoc Network. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2015; 2(3): 18–25p.

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