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A Review of WIMAX and Various Technology

Parul Rathore, Neetu Sharma, Neelesh Gupta


In today’s world a large number of wireless transmission technologies exist. These technologies are distributed over different network families depending upon the networks scale such as PAN, WLAN, WMAN and WAN. As the demand for data transmission with higher data rate changed, so as the focus on the development of wireless network is changed. Technologies that promise to deliver higher data rate are attracting more and more vendors and operators towards them. One of the most promising candidates of such arising technologies is WiMAX system. The performance improvement of WiMAX system with underlying OFDM technology and using smart antennas is proposed to study and this is demonstrated through MATLAB simulation. And also the main goal of WiMAX is to deliver wireless communication with quality of service in a secured environment.  

Keywords: WiMAX, OFDMA, matlab

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Parul Rathore, Neetu Sharma, Neelesh Gupta. A Review of WIMAX and Various Technology. Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements. 2016; 3(3): 9–16p.

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